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Physical Therapy Specialists is a unique physical therapy group that specializes in the most effective treatments to significantly reduce the rehabilitation time of your injury and return you to the best functional, pain free lifestyle possible.

Mission Statement:
PT Specialists' mission is to provide the highest quality of patient care that will maximize physical function.

We specialize in treatment of acute orthopedic injuries, post-surgical, work-related injuries, chronic pain conditions, joint replacement, balance and fall prevention, pediatrics, women's health, and sports injuries for both the recreational and professional athlete.

By finding the original source of your injury, our doctors in physical therapy and our board certified orthopedic specialists instruct you how to prevent future injuries and give you the confidence to return to the activities you enjoy most.

We maximize your progress, reduce the number of visits to our office, and save you time and money.

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Physical Therapy Specialists
Orthopedic Therapy Specialists
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Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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