our joint rehab paragraph
Whether you are trying to avoid or delay joint replacement surgery or already had joint replacement surgery, our goal is to help you manage pain and return to your normal activities.

Our joint rehabilitation program will help prevent joint stiffness and help you regain full strength and mobility. Customized treatment services include:

  • Pre-operative education
  • Pain management
  • Post-operative manual therapy and exercise
  • Lymph massage

We specialize in the rehabilitation of the all new innovative joint replacement surgeries including but not limited to MIS anterior approach, MIS mini or micro posterior approach, or bilateral hip replacement surgeries. We help patients immediately after out-patient hip replacement surgery, and also help patients after ankle, knee replacement, and shoulder replacement surgeries. Our physical therapists are trained in the specific guidelines for each of these types of surgeries and will work collaboratively with your surgeon to guide you back to your full functional or sports activities as quickly as possible.

if recommended paragraph

If recommended by your surgeon, we can include hydrotherapy and Pilates as part of your exercise program to help you reach full strength and normal gait more quickly. Our physical therapists are specialists at assessing gait issues and helping patients improve their balance and be able to walk normally.

We make extra effort to ensure that you have the maximum ROM and strength and function possible from undergoing your joint replacement surgery.