Massage can play an important part of the rehabilitation process. It can relieve pain, increase circulation to the injured area, and thus facilitate healing. Our licensed massage therapists have been trained in a clinical setting and are supervised by doctors of Physical Therapy so they know how to massage orthopedic and sports injuries. We offer five types of specialty massage.

Deep Tissue /Neuromuscular Massage
Firm pressure with light stretching to reduce chronic pain and chronic tightness.

Lymphatic Massage

Gentle pressure directed to open the lymph channels to reduce acute inflammation, swelling and improve ROM faster after surgery.

Lymphatic massage is also very effective in reducing chronic inflammation due to multiple causes including lymphedema. It helps to balance the body’s fluid system getting rid of congestion and edema.

Aromatherapy Massage

Rebalances your body, decreases stress, and improves immunity using many different therapeutic grade essential oils while massaging your neck and back.

Curative Massage

Focuses on specific areas of injury to decrease pain and spasming. This massage will also help increase circulation and promotes faster healing.

Prenatal Massage
Reduces backaches, leg cramps, and edema caused by pregnancy. Helps to relax tension for better sleep and can aid in relieving stress.

Vacuodermie is a non-invasive procedure that originated in France. The vacuum effect increases the blood flow to increase circulation and relieves congestion and effective for conditions such as tendonitis, joint and tendon fibrosis, muscle and tendon injuries, scar tissue adhesions and lymphatic or post operative swelling.

Integrated Bodywork
Structural Integrative Bodywork (SIB) is a holistic system of bodywork that unwinds rotations and creates balance to organize the whole body by manipulating the body’s myofascial system for remarkable changes in posture and structure. Structural integrative bodywork is effective in dealing with a myriad of physical issues: scoliosis, pain associated with misalignment, arthritis, migraine headaches/caused by neck compression, some post surgical procedures, scar tissue, sprains and strains, pregnancy, improved alignment and posture, enhanced body awareness, increased energy and vitality, greater flexibility and range of motion, relief of chronic pain and stress, improved athletic performance, fuller and easier breathing.