stretch04Sports therapy will include all the physical therapy treatments designed to reduce pain and restore maximal function such as joint mobilization, sports massage, modalities, trunk stabilization, strength training, flexibility, endurance training, and sports specific exercise.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a “weekend-warrior,” or someone who wants to get back to being active, our sports physical therapy specialists can help you both prevent injuries and facilitate recovery if you have an injury.

Treatment of an athletic injury may not only include treatment directed at the body part involved, but may also require assessment of surrounding joints and muscles to determine their contribution to the movement required. It is our goal to rehabilitate each athlete with exceptional care so that they can return to playing or competing at their individual best. The extensive background of our sports physical therapy specialists allow them to treat athletes from a wide variety of sports, such as but not limited to tennis, running, golf, soccer, basketball, baseball, dance, gymnastics, and football. We have also had experience working with professional players from the NFL and the NBA as well as professional tennis players, ice skaters and boxers.

Prevention of an injury is necessary for you to avoid missing time away from your sport. Having a previous injury may put you at an increased risk of re-injury, so take advantage of our specialists and their ability to screen for any movement dysfunction that may be contributing to your injury.

If you or your team is interested in a free injury-prevention screening, please contact our office for more information

Performance Enhancement Training

L1010212At Physical Therapy Specialists, we help athletes improve their athletic performance while preventing or rehabilitating an injury. Our sports therapists start by evaluating any movement dysfunctions or impairments, posture, gait, body alignment, strength and flexibility of the muscles specifically used in the sport. With advanced manual techniques, massage, and individualized training programs, our sports therapists can facilitate injury-free athletic performance and help you achieve your highest levels, whether you are a professional or weekend athlete.

Golf Specific Fitness Training513

If you are unable to play golf without being limited by pain, our golf fitness physical therapist can help you return to your passion. He will provide a comprehensive physical screening and evaluation of your range of motion and strength, and will create a specific exercise program to decrease your pain and improve your golf performance.

This comprehensive evaluation can also help prevent golf injuries. It can help improve balance and game consistency by providing the strength, flexibility, and endurance needed to achieve top performance. Golf fitness training improves the golf game by increasing core strength, control, balance, posture, and alignment.