Weight Management Class

Learn how to develop healthy eating habits, curb sugar addiction, and keep your ideal weight for life!

$10 for 45 minute class

(Additional $20.00 for acupuncture optional)

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Walking Program

20-45 minute guided walk through Beverly hills that incorporates stretching, core activation, proper posture, and most of all fun!

Can accommodate all levels

$10 monthly walking club fee

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Balance/ Flexibility Class

Improve your balance and flexibility decrease your risk of fall or injury.

Can accommodate all levels

$10 for 45 minute class

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“Bad Back No More”

Core Strengthening

Safe and effective core strengthening even after surgery or spinal disease.

$10 for 30-45 minute class

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Back Care/ Pain Prevention Class

Monthly class and tips to heal your own back, safe exercise, and proper posture. General activity may be causing adverse effects on our body.

Free Class

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Radiant Skin Care Class

Learn the best chemical- free anti-aging, sunscreens, and healing essential oils.

Free Class

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Special offer for all Current or Discharged Patients:
$25  unlimited monthly gym

Fit for Life Program

Physical Therapy Specialists of Beverly Hills Fit for Life program is a holistic fitness plan that incorporates health conscious ways of restoring your body to its optimal level of health through means of: nutrition, specialized exercises, Pilates, stress reducing techniques, massage, and acupuncture. Our therapists hold either Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees and/or Orthopedic Clinic Specialists, along with Nationally Licensed Massage Therapists, to ensure that you are consistently under the highest level of care.

We specialize in the therapeutic treatment of all Orthopedic injuries and surgeries, postural injuries, arthritis, joint replacement, and chronic pain conditions. Injury or age should never affect your health and wellness! Allow us to develop a plan that is specific to your personal goals and abilities to ensure that you will be Fit for Life!

Nutrition/ Weight Management

  • Boost metabolism for healthy weight management by simple nutritional practices and acupuncture to reduce sugar addiction.
  • Ensure that your diet incorporates the nutrition needed to keep your immune system healthy and strong.
  • We will evaluate your eating habits to help you choose healthier substitutions. Reinforced by our Accountability Checkups, you will have continual support in achieving your goals.
Don’t just diet; develop healthy eating habits for LIFE

national inst GIRL W FOOD

National Institute of Health Research
Benefits of a whole foods Based Diet:

  • Highly Effective for Weight Loss
  • Prevention/Management of Diabetes
  • Regression of Heart Disease
  • Longer Life Span
  • Improved Digestion/Healthier skin
  • Reduction of Medication Intake
  • Decreased Risk of Cancer

Personalized Training

Allow us to examine your flexibility, posture, balance, and strength to create your personal training plan. Together, we will help you reach your optimal level of fitness!

personalized SEC

One-on-One Individual Training Session:

  • 60 min. Training Session
  • 45 min. Training Session
  • 30 min. Training Session

Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue /Neuromuscular Massage

Firm pressure with light stretching to reduce chronic pain and tightness.

Lymphatic Massage

Reduce acute inflammation, swelling and improve ROM faster after surgery.

Aromatherapy Massage

Rebalances your body, decreases stress, and improves immunity using essential oils.

Curative Massage

Focuses on specific areas of injury to decrease pain and spasms but will also help increase circulation and promote faster healing.

Prenatal Massage

Reduces backaches, leg cramps, and edema caused by pregnancy while helping to relax tension for better sleep and help in lowering stress.



If you need to shed excess pregnancy weight, and don’t seem to have the time to exercise now that your newborn has arrived, come to Women’s Physical Therapy Specialists.

We are also able to help you with any post pregnancy issues that you may be experiencing such weak abdominals, incontinence, low back pain, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, or just overall increase in weight and fatigue through our many services such as:MOM FIR FOR LIFE SEC

  • Women’s Physical Therapy
  • Massage
  • Pilates
  • Exercise Training
  • Weight Management Program
Best of all, you can bring your baby with you!

STAY CANCER FREE program has a multi-disciplinary approach offering customized programs for all cancer-free patients that have completed their cancer treatment and have been cleared by a doctor to begin.

Do you want to decrease your pain/inflammation, improve your nutrition, and start a safe and effective exercise program to become even stronger than before?




The physical therapist will perform a full evaluation of your strength, range of motion, assess any musculoskeletal problems, and develop a customized home exercise program. The therapist will also perform manual techniques to help decrease pain/inflammation.


The Physical therapy will help you determine which programs will benefit you the most.

Lymphedema/lymph massage

Our program educates about how to reduce and avoid lymphedema. We have trained lymph massage therapists to help clear the lymphatic system and reduce inflammation as well as specific decongestive exercise will be shown to facilitate lymph flow.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Post cancer patients can experience loss of balance or persistent dizziness and have increased risk of falling. Specialized balance assessment, exercise, and neuromuscular re-education may be used to improve your balance and posture across various surfaces and activities.

Treatment for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Some types of cancer damage the muscular floor of the pelvis causing pain in the back, sacrum or lower pelvis, incontinence, or difficult/pain with intercourse. Treatments by a specialist may include pelvic floor relaxation training, manual therapy, and biofeedback.


Proper diet can really help achieve optimum health. Private consultation with a nutritionist can help you develop a healthy diet including cancer fighting foods.

Personal Training

Exercise is the best way to regain strength after cancer treatment. Committing to twice a week with a motivating trainer to progress a customized cardiovascular, flexibility, and strengthening program can help improve your energy, flexibility, and help to decrease pain.


One of the best forms of exercise because it includes core strengthening, flexibility, muscle and stamina building, while helping to eliminate poor movement patterns/habits.


Can help reduce pain and may help improve immune system.

CALL (310)273-7800 for an appointment. Most insurances may cover.